Sublime Text plugin to format printed objects from Python code
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Python Output Format

A simple plugin for Sublime Text inspired by [Pretty JSON]( JSON) for formatting printed output from Python programs into a more easily readable format.

The plugin simply adds one action, cleverly named "Python Output Format", which either takes the text you have selected, or, if nothing is selected, the entire active document, and attempts to format it in a way that is more easy to read.

It will for instance turn this blob:

{'details': '', 'releases': [{'sublime_text': '*', 'tags': True}], 'name': 'Python Output Format'}

into this:

    'details': '',
    'releases': [
            'sublime_text': '*',
            'tags': True 
    'name': 'Python Output Format'


The package is available via Package Control under the name "Python Output Format".

Keyboard Shortcut

If you prefer to have a keyboard shortcut to trigger the "Python Output Format" action with, you can add it by opening your user keybindings in Sublime Text and add an entry like the following to the array:

{ "keys": ["super+ctrl+y"], "command": "python_output_format" }

You can of course specify the keyboard combination you prefer. Save the file and it will take effect immediately.