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  1. White Public

    DEPRECATED - no longer actively maintained

    C# 1k 492

  2. BDDfy is the simplest BDD framework EVER!

    C# 392 81

  3. Seleno helps you write automated UI tests in the right way by implementing Page Objects and Page Components and by reading from and writing to web pages using strongly typed view models.

    C# 183 64

  4. Simple, terse, fluent automated testing for ASP.NET MVC Controllers

    C# 100 22

  5. The UI Automation COM-to-.NET Adapter makes it possible to use the new Windows Automation API 3.0 COM interfaces, with their improved reliability and performance, while still using the same System.…

    C# 65 45

  6. TestStack.Dossier provides you with the code infrastructure to easily and quickly generate test fixture data for your automated tests in a terse, readable and maintainable way using the Test Data B…

    C# 52 19


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