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TextGlass Reference Client and Domains
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TextGlass Reference

What is TextGlass?

TextGlass is a text classification project. This encompasses things like device, browser, and OS detection. Give TextGlass a string (like a User-Agent request header) and it will tell you what it is.

TextGlass has extended the idea of classification into generic domains. The domain tells the TextGlass client how to classify the input into a result. This will allow this project and 3rd parties to create their own domains and use them with standard TextGlass clients. This also allows you to a run a domain across a large variety of languages and platforms and achieve identical results.

This reference is the starting point for:

  • Creating, testing, and validating a TextGlass domain.
  • Creating a TextGlass client for a specific platform or language.



More information

Please see client/ for more information.

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