Slimefun 4 - A whole new Experience.
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Slimefun 4

Hello and welcome to Slimefun 4's GitHub Page.

Slimefun 4 is the 4th of the big Updates to the revolutionary and game-changing Plugin Slimefun

Slimefun 4 is licensed under GNU GPLv3

Development Builds

Click on the badge below to go to our "development" build page, where you can download the latest Slimefun versions before they are released to the public. But keep in mind: These builds are still in development and not guaranteed to work or to be stable.

Build Server


You are allowed, even encouraged, to contribute to Slimefun 4 by making Pull Requests. These Pull Requests can be Fixes, Changes or even Additions, but please keep in mind that if you add too much content to Slimefun 4, you should rather make an Addon for it instead.

Check the license for more Info on redistributing and modifying Slimefun 4.


Here is a list of all people who contributed to Slimefun 4 by submitting Code.


Slimefun has a (detailed and well-maintained) Wiki for new Users, maybe also consider applying as Wiki Staff to help grow our Community and help out new Users of this Project.