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A Sublime Text 2 plugin that converts CSS colors from hex to rgb and back
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A Sublime Text plug-in that converts CSS numerical color values. You can convert any hex, rgb(a) or hsl(a) color in the following sequence: hex -> rgba -> hsla -> hex (etc).


You can easily install the plug-in through Will Bond's excellent Package Control ( If you want to install this plug-in manually for some reason, simply clone this repo into your packages directory (make sure not to put it in the user sub dir).


  1. Select a color declaration (e.g. '#ff0022', 'rgb(120, 0, 12)', or 'hsla(320, 75%, 10%, 0.2)')
  2. Hit ctrl+shift+c by default (cmd+shift+c on Mac OS) to convert to the next type (hex -> rgba -> hsla -> hex -> etc).

Supported Features

  • Convert hex values to rgba
  • Convert rgb(a) values to hsla
  • Convert hsl(a) values to hex
  • Remembers the alpha value of a selection (e.g. when 'rgba(120, 0, 12, 0.2)' is converted to any other value, the '0.2' alpha value will be remembered, even if you convert the value to hex)

Planned Features

  • Convert all colors equal to the selected one in the document (milestone 1.2)


  1. CSS color names (e.g. 'red', 'transparent', etc) are currently not supported (not planning to unless there's a high demand).
  2. Whenever possible, the plug-in will output the shorthand hex value (e.g. '#000' instead of '#000000').
  3. The output for hsl and alpha channels is in floating point, to ensure a little more accuracy.


color: rgba(128, 0, 12, 0.5);

Will convert to:

color: hsla(354.4, 100.0%, 25.1%, 0.5);
color: #80000b;
color: rgba(128, 0, 12, 0.5);
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