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OpenStreetMap Blog Collector, a tool for editing the weekly news in OpenStreetMap.


OSMBC is a small tool to support the editorial process of the OpenStreetMap Wochennotiz. It enables editores collects references for news easily, and supports editing them in Markdown later. From edited markdown code, the final blog entry is created. As all articles can be edited "bilinual" so in german and in english, the production of the WeeklyOSM, the international variant of the Wochennotiz, is supported by OSMBC too.


The system is active used since Wochennotiz 272 in September 2015.

The running instance for the editors is: This can be used by OSM Mapper in guest mode too.

Actual there is no special test instance.

Software Build Status

I have stopped to use Travis-CI as CI Plattform to test OSMBC on a neutral environment. Will be back sometimes, somewhere in summertime :-)


  • Database: postgres (>= 9.3) and JSON support required
  • Webserver: node.js with express and JADE rendering

More info in the Installation Guide.

Support the Developer

I am happy to do any bug fixes for the system. But please make sure, that your error report here in Git full fills the following rules

  1. The error message occurs in the productive system, if you are working on the development version, please put the info in the bug report, to avoid unnecessary work (see section development version above).

  2. The error message occurs in the current version, so it can can be reproduced on the day, the error message has given. (than you do not need to put any version number to your request, otherwise please include the version number of OSMBC).

  3. Please describe shortly what you have done, to produce the error.

  4. Please describe shortly, what the result of your action was, and what result you have expected.

  5. Pictures and Hyperlinks can support 3. and 4. but does not replace them.

  6. "is not working" or "is broken" obvious does not full fill 3. and 3. .

The rules does support the developer to come quicker to the point. Sometimes you are using other ways in OSMBC to come to your result and the way coming to a result is important for bug fixing.


Thanks to JetBrains by supporting the development with an OpenSource License.

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