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Welcome to the PHPChat wiki!


  • Peer-to-peer instant messaging.
  • Peer-to-peer offline messaging. Offline means when the recipient is offline.
  • Decentralized: See DHT.
  • Point-to-point encryption using SSL
  • Addressbook for your contacts.
  • Optional IMAP interface for fetching new messages.
  • Optional SMTP interface for sending messages.
  • Send P2P random messages.

Why this project?

Because we need to encrypt and secure the Internet. The Internet is broken and we need to fix it. Thanks people like Edward Snowden we know today that the NSA (and also other intelligence agencies too) operates a global surveillance on citizens. We can't loose our right of freedom, our right of privacy to centralized governmental authorities. Now it's our move. It's time to fight back!

I also like the Bitmessage project. But building thinks by myself feels like I can contribute to the Internet. And coding this with PHP because it's an easy-to-learn programming language and every one can contribute to this project.


Please report bugs to the Issues Tracking system or to


You're welcome to contribute to this project. Fork this project at You should read GitHub's How to Fork a Repo.

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