A feature packed Bukkit economy plugin.
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Please Note: This project is in Alpha stage, and may therefore contain multiple bugs. Please report any bugs you find.


The New Economy is a feature-packed modular economy plugin that is currently under development. TNE is meant to offer an all-in-one solution for server owners, while also providing an easy-to-use modular system, which allows server owners to simply disable features they don't wish to use, or even remove the module's jar to save disk space. TNE's modular system also allows third-party developers to easily add additional features without the need for additional dependencies. Developers, of course, are welcome to add functionality via TNE's custom events, API, Vault, or Reserve(Recommended).

Build Status

Build Status

If you've switched from another economy plugin to TNE, please take a moment to tell us which one: What economy plugin did you switch from?


There's a few ways to support the development of TNE at this moment.

  • My Patreon
  • Share TNE with other server owners
  • Suggest ways to improve TNE

Basic Information

Some basic information you might want to look over.

Default Configurations



  • Vault(optional)
  • Reserve(Optional)


For support choose one of the following.


To acces the API import the jar file(TNE.jar) then use the following code:


In the following example we'll get a player's balance using the API.

TNEAPI ecoAPI = TNE.instance().api();  

Source code for the API class can be found here.


  • creatorfromhell


To contribute to The New Economy you may fork our Github Repository, and make a Pull Request. The repository is located at: https://github.com/TheNewEconomy/TNE-Bukkit .