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Frictionless sharing between devices
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Frictionless sharing between devices -
Created by The Social Code

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How to run the project

Step 1 - Setup your config file

Make a duplicate of CopyPaste.config.json.dist, name it CopyPaste.config.json and make sure to enter the details as indicate (provided you are planning to use all features described in the table in step 2)

Step 2 - Start the server

In your root directory, start the server script using it's default config:

node app/server/CopyPaste.server.js 

Of for instance, if you are on a local environment withou SSL and without MongoDB authentication, run:

node app/server/CopyPaste.server.js https=false mongoauthenticate=false 
Argument Value comment
mode "prod" (default) or "dev" Set the level of debugging output
https "true" (default) or "false" Set the protocol
mongo "true" (default) or "false" Use MongoDB
mongoauthenticate "true" (default) or "false" Use MongoDB's authentication

For example:

pm2 start app/server/CopyPaste.server.js -- mode=dev https=false

(don't forget to pm2 save your current pm2 config)

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