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Welcome to the Orac wiki! The point of this wiki is to provide centralized documentation for the Orac project. Orac is a virtual modular system based on Pure Data designed by Mark Harris aka TheTechnobear. It is designed to be easy to use on lightweight computing platforms, and provides features such as Presets and Midi Learn. As well as being flexible for users, it is designed to be easy for 'Module Patchers' to create new modules, and thus extend the ecosystem.


The Orac code is cross-platform and runs on the Organelle, Raspberry PI, Bela, Qubit Nebulae, and Terminal Tedium. For development purposes (only) Orac will also run on MacOS.


Orac is currently in version 2.0. Current and new releases or 'builds' of Orac are available and will be released on


I'd like to extend thank all open source developers who make these kinds of projects possible and a special thank you to Critter and Guitari for open sourcing their wonderful patches which I have 'modularised', Mutable Instruments whose code I have used to create some of PD externals for use in Modules in Orac. Ben Norland for contributing artwork for logos, splash screens.

Thank you also to all Orac users who have provided valuable feedback and suggestions, which has helped me push Orac forward.