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Thibaud Dauce

This is my personal website with Hakyll, all the explanations are in my blog post.



You need to install the stack build tool first. See the official documentation for installation instructions.

On Arch Linux, just run:

pacman -S stack


I'm using Laravel Mix to compile my CSS. You'll need NPM to run the scripts.

On Arch Linux, just run:

pacman -S nodejs


First, download GHC and all the Haskell stuff:

stack setup

Then, build the executable:

stack build

And finally, generate the website:

stack exec thibaud build


Haskell modification

Each time you modify the Haskell files, you need to rebuild the executable with:

stack build

Posts' creations and modifications

To start with a clean installation, run:

stack exec thibaud rebuild

This command will clean the _site folder and rebuild all the website.

Then run the web server with:

stack exec thibaud watch

This command will trigger a rebuild each time a file is changed. To rebuild the CSS after a change, you'll need to run npm run watch.