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ThirdEye browser extension

ThirdEye is a continuous authentication system for Facebook on the Google Chrome web browser. It scrapes a user's Facebook activity directly of the browser to create a profile. Subsequent user Facebook activity is run in context of the generated profile. If observed activity deviates significantly expected behavior, the user is notified through a pre-established secondary communication method such as email. User activity can be categorized in two groups, silent and non-silent behavior. Silent behavior are actions that are invisible to others on Facebook, such as scrolling/viewing stories, reading messages, and browsing between various pages. Non-silent behavior are actions that are visible to others on Facebook such as liking a post, commenting on a picture or uploading status.

Supported Browsers

ThirdEye uses the Chrome API and thus, Google Chrome is the only supported browser.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the repository and unzip to the desired location (such as desktop).
  • Go to the settings page alt tag on Google Chrome (top right of the Chrome) and then select Extensions on the left hand side of the page.
  • Click on Load Unpacked Extension and navigate to where you have unzipped the repo
  • Select the main folder (KnockKnock-master) and press Okay.
  • The extension should now have been added to Chrome and the options page will open automatically.
  • Enter your email in the form to create a secondary notification channel. Close the options page. ALERT! Ensure that you fill this information out. If you do not, ThirdEye will have no way of informing you of anomalous activity.
  • You should receive an email by ThirdEye for a successful installation.
  • Third Eye extension is now active and listening for active Facebook tabs. It will automatically record actions performed on Facebook.

Current Capabilities

Currently, ThirdEye can capture the following in the silent behavior category:

  • Scrolling Newsfeed for stories.
  • Clicking on a contact to bring up message box.
  • Clicking on notification jewel icon.
  • Clicking on message jewel icon.
  • Browsing between pages on Facebook.

The following non-silent behavior is captured:

  • Clicking on a story
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Post
  • Message

This feature is on by default and encrypts all data sent to the server. Local log is also encrypted before stored but is decrypted on download.

Using ThirdEye

ThirdEye uses HTML FileSystem to maintain and manage its log locally as well as sending events to a remote server for collection and processing. ThirdEye currently uses HTTP but will soon migrate to HTTPS transmission.

Popup UI

ThirdEye features a basic UI providing a status of Facebook tabs currently detected by system, a link to options page and ability download your log.




ThirdEye is written in JavaScript and depends on Chrome browser APIs.