HyperProxmox provides a centralized platform for managing your Proxmox environments. Use branch v1.0-beta to test.
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HyperProxmox provides a centralized platform for managing your Proxmox environments.
The web based client lets you manage the essential functions of your Proxmox infrastructure from any browser, offering responsiveness and usability.
Gain the visibility and control needed for your virtual machines, hosts and datastore.
Assign users to custom roles, search in inventory or provision new virtual machines at the click of a button.

  • Author : ThomasGSP
  • Date : 2017/2018
  • Version : V1.0-beta
  • Status: Dev
  • Object : Massive LXC CT / KVM deployment, management and viewer system for Proxmox clusters.
  • Proxmox version supported: 3.x/4.x/5.x
  • Information : This project is currently in active development. You shouldn't use in production mode or... use at your risks !

This version provide:

  • Web interface to list instances, nodes and clusters
  • Current usage (cpu / ram / disks...) for your nodes, instances...
  • Quick usage visualisation by color (Green for low, yellow, red)
  • Node scoring based on their usage
  • Infrastructure historic
  • Instance management (stop/start/restart...)
  • Search system by VM-name, mac address ...
  • Proxmox crawler (Getting cluster information)
  • Security : Encipher the critical data (cluster access)
  • LDAP authentication for web interface
  • Group & cluster viewing in web interface
  • Api

Weakness on this version (in progress):

  • Logs system
  • Purge system

This version don't provide (next features):

  • Advanced management
  • Provision new virtual machines
  • ...



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