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Automatic Microsoft 365 Documentation

Automatic M365 Documentation LogoAutomatic Microsoft 365 Documentation to simplify the life of admins and consultants. You can automatically document systems like:

  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD)
  • Microsoft Cloud Print
  • Microsoft Information protection
  • Windows 365 (CloudPC)

This list will expand in the near future.

This is the successor to the IntuneDocumentation module and has much more options like:

  • Output to Json
    • Backup your configuration and create documentation later
    • Compare your configuration over time for example with
  • Output to CSV
  • Output to Markdown/MD
  • Flexible Authentication with MSAL.PS
    • Support for Certificate and Secret based Authentication

Through the new architecture much other features will follow in the near future.



The required modules are fully available in the PowerShell Gallery and therefore simple to install.

Install-Module MSAL.PS
Install-Module PSWriteWord
Install-Module M365Documentation

Basic Usage to create docx

This section covers basic functionality for interactive usage. Advanced use cases like creating your own app registration is covered in the advanced usage section.

# Connect to your tenant

# Collect information for component Intune as an example 
$doc = Get-M365Doc -Components Intune -ExcludeSections "MobileAppDetailed"

# Output the documentation to a Word file
$doc | Write-M365DocWord -FullDocumentationPath "c:\temp\$($doc.CreationDate.ToString("yyyyMMddHHmm"))-WPNinjas-Doc.docx"

Supported Components

Microsoft Endpoint Manager / Intune

The following entities are documented:

  • Configuration Policies
  • Compliance Policies
  • Device Enrollment Restrictions
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Applications (Only Assigned)
  • Application Protection Policies
  • AutoPilot Configuration
  • Enrollment Page Configuration
  • Apple Push Certificate
  • Apple VPP
  • Device Categories
  • Exchange Connector
  • Application Configuration
  • PowerShell Scripts
  • ADMX backed Configuration Profiles
  • Security Baseline
  • Custom Roles

Azure AD

The following entities are documented:

  • Azure AD Conditional Access Policies
  • Translate referenced id's to real object names (users, groups, roles and applications)
  • Domains
  • Feature Rollout Policy
  • Authentication policies
  • Role Assignments
  • Mobile Device Management Policies
  • Subscriptions / SKU
  • Organizational Settings
  • Administrative Units

Cloud Print

The following entities are documented:

  • Printers
  • Connectors
  • Printer Shares

Microsoft Information Protection

The following entities are documented:

  • Labels

Windows 365 (CloudPC)

  • Device Images
  • Provisioning Profiles
  • User Settings
  • On-premises Connections

Issues / Feedback

For any issues or feedback related to this module, please register for GitHub, and post your inquiry to this project's issue tracker.

Thanks to

@MEM_MVP for the continious feedback and 10000 translations!!!! Thank you!

@Microsoftgraph for the PowerShell Examples:

@guidooliveira / @PrzemyslawKlys for the PSWriteWord Module, which enables the creation of the Word file.

@MScholtes for the Transponse-Object example

@ylepine for the contribution to support Intune Settings catalog

@johofer contribution to remove base64 encoded images from the documentation.

Created by baseVISION


Automatic Microsoft 365 Documentation to simplify the life of admins and consultants.







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