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Firmwares for ESP32 Brick and ESP32 Ethernet Brick (including firmwares for WARP/WARP2 Charger, WARP Energy Manager)

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ESP32 Firmware

This repository contains the firmware source code for all Tinkerforge products that are based on the ESP32 Brick or ESP32 Ethernet Brick. This includes WARP/WARP2 Charger and the WARP Energy Manager.

Repository Content

  • Scripts for mass provisioning of ESP32 modules
  • build/: Compiled files will be put here
  • src/: Source of the firmware, including modules
  • web/: Source of the web interface, including modules


See software/README.txt for build instructions. More documentation of how the software and the build process work will follow in the future. For now in brief:

  • The software is built with
  • For each variation of the firmware (warp, warp2, esp32, esp32_ethernet, ...) there is a corresponding *.ini file specifying the PlatformIO environment used to build that variation. The environments mostly differ in the backend (i.e. firmware) and frontend (i.e. web interface) modules selected to be compiled into the firmware.
  • Custom hooks compile the web interface from TypeScript and Sass into JavaScript and CSS, place everything in one HTML file, zip it and create a C header that is then compiled in the firmware.
  • After the firmware is built in the software/build folder, the custom hooks merge the firmware, bootloader, partition table, etc into one bin file that can be flashed on the ESP32 Brick at offset 0x1000 or can be uploaded to a running WARP Charger.