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To run the bot please open config.py and add your credentials, change the keys then save, Then to run bot.py
Please check the commands for the full list.

This is a bot to use in your Tinychat room,
It's an aid to help moderate a room from spam and bad users, It's also a tool for YouTube/Soundcloud,
You're able to add multiple songs to a playlist, This also has other features ranging from weather to yomama jokes,
This is using the pinylib library by nortxort,
You'll need all the dependencies for this to work,
You can install the modules directly in your python library or run them from the bot folder,
Just make sure you have Python 2.7 installed.

I've also provided my own Api keys for YouTube and Soundcloud,
I would recommend that you register with each provider and use your own Api keys, The links are provided below.


  • C:\Python27\Scripts\pip2 install bs4 requests colorama goslate or

  • cd c:\Extracted folders directory\ python setup.py install


  • open command prompt or Powershell and type pip install bs4 requests colorama goslate

Mac Open the terminal and type

  • sudo easy_install pip then

  • pip install bs4 requests colorama goslate

Help running Python and pip from inside command prompt or windows shell. To be able to run pip inside command prompt on Windows use the below info,
Open start, locate control panel and open it, click System and Security,
Then click System, on the Right click Advanced system settings,
Then click Environment Variables, In the System variables box scroll to Path and double click it,
It will open a box, Click Edit or New depending on your version of Windows,
Now type C:\Python27\;C:\Python27\Scripts\; Click Ok
Now open Command Prompt or Shell and type in python and click Enter it should now open python in the window,
Now you can run pip directly inside command prompt, pip install bs4 requests colorama goslate.