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(almost) drop-in cahing engine for CakePHP I got the idea by a fantastic plugin by Matt Curry (, but I wanted it to be even simpler to implement.

This is the default caching system for Pubblico CMS


  • create a new folder called "cache" in your app/webroot directory, with write permissions
  • rename app/webroot/index.php to app/webroot/index_cake.php
  • save this file to app/webroot. Yes, you're replacing the original file with this one
  • configure as you need
  • that's all folks!


Your feedback is precious! Don't hesitate to open GitHub Issues for any problem or question you may have.

All contributions are welcome. If you extend it, write me a line so that I can update it for everyone.


CakePHP-Supercache is licensed under the MIT Licence, courtesy of Emanuele "ToX" Toscano .