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js-toxcore-c Build Status NPM Version


Node.js bindings for libtoxcore, built off of node-ffi.

Note: Installing this package does not install libtoxcore. It is expected that libtoxcore is installed prior to using js-toxcore-c.

If you see compiler errors while trying to npm install js-toxcore-c, you may need to install node-ffi manually using npm:

$ npm install

New API Progress

  • toxcore (missing conferences)
  • toxav
  • toxencryptsave
  • Higher level API

Synchronous Example

var toxcore = require('js-toxcore-c');

// Create a default Tox instance
var tox = new toxcore.Tox();

// ... or, create a Tox instance using specific paths for toxcore libraries
var toxAtPath = new toxcore.Tox({
  path: '/path/to/',
  crypto: '/path/to/'

// ... or, give Tox some data to load
var toxWithData = new toxcore.Tox({
  data: '/path/to/toxfile'

// ... if that data is encrypted, include a passphrase
var toxWithEncData = new toxcore.Tox({
  data: '/path/to/encrypted/toxfile',
  pass: 'myPassphrase'

// Bootstrap from nodes (see a list at:
tox.bootstrapSync('', 33445, 'A09162D68618E742FFBCA1C2C70385E6679604B2D80EA6E84AD0996A1AC8A074'); // stal
tox.bootstrapSync('', 443, '8CD087E31C67568103E8C2A28653337E90E6B8EDA0D765D57C6B5172B4F1F04C'); // Jfreegman

// Set your name and status message
tox.setNameSync('My username');
tox.setStatusMessageSync('Hello world!');

// Listen for friend requests
tox.on('friendRequest', function(e) {
  console.log('Friend request from: ' + e.publicKeyHex());

// Print received friend messages to console
tox.on('friendMessage', function(e) {
  var friendName = tox.getFriendNameSync(e.friend());
  console.log(friendName + ': ' + e.message());

// Print out your tox address so others can add it
console.log('Address: ' + tox.getAddressHexSync());

// Start!

For more examples, see the examples/ directory.


Generating the documentation should be as easy as grunt jsdoc.


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