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This package contains Ethereum smart contracts and command line toolchain for launching and managing token sales.

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Quick links

STO - security token tool chain - a lot of new development work happens in this security token specific project that users smart contracts from this repository

TokenMarket website

Github issue tracker and source code


About the project

This project aims to provide standard, secure smart contracts and tools to create crowdsales for Ethereum blockchain.

This package provides

  • Token contracts for security and utility tokens
  • Automated test suite in Python
  • Deployment tools and scripts

Token sales

These contracts have been tested, audited and used by several projects. Below are some notable token sales that we have used these contracts

We also have third party token sales using these smart contracts


TokenMarket can be a launch and hosting partner for your token sale. We offer advisory, legal, technical and marketing services. For more information see TokenMarket fundraising services.

Community support is available on the best effort basis - your mileage may vary. To get the most of the community support we expect you to be on a senior level of Solidity, Python and open source development. Meet us at the Gitter support chat.

Audit reports

Some public audit reports available for some revisions of this codebase:

More audit reports available on a request.