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Command-line interface for executing C++ statements
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Execute C++ statements in an interactive shell. Each statement is compiled inside a dummy function, dynamically loaded, and executed. Each statement takes a second or two to compile, but is tolerable.

To give context (libraries and headers) to each C++ statement, the shell also accepts directives. A directive is a 'using namespace ...' directive, a pre-processor directive like '#include ...', or one of the special shell directive, below. The directives are remembered and used by every future statement. The context is even remembered across sessions in a file local to the working directory. The special shell directives are:

  • '#librarypath Path' where Path is supplied to the -L option of the compiler
  • '#library Libname' where Libname is supplied to the -l option of the compiler
  • '#includepath Path' where Path is supplied to the -I option of the compiler
  • '#context' lists all previously entered directives
  • '#drop Directive' where Directive is a previously entered directive. Drop removes the directive from memory, ie. undoes the directive
  • '#dropall' removes all previous directives from context memory

Note, statements (as opposed to directives) are not remembered, so a statement can not use a variable assigned by a previous statement. This was done for simplicity of implementation and because I don't think you loose much expressive power as exemplified by normal Bash shell usage. Most of the time you don't create temporary variables in Bash shell to be used later. However, you can create temporary variables for the same statement, i.e. a statement can be a sequence of statements.


Install dependent libraries/programs first

  • g++ (gcc)
  • 10util
  • boost-program-options-dev
  • readline

Download and remove '-ccp' suffix

git clone git:// 10shell
cd 10shell

Build library and program 10shell


Install library in /usr/local/lib, header files in /usr/local/include/10shell, and program in /usr/local/bin

sudo scons install
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