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GarageGames released the arts of T3D Demos with MIT License. You can download the Official Demos & Art Asset released from the Steering Committee to the Torque3D Community from here:

Demos Included:

  • Mars
  • Burg
  • DeathBall
  • Pacific
  • Sector
  • ChinaTown


  • This demo was tested and updated to the last development branch of Torque3D Engine. (Commit on Nov 27, 2017 - 74b7e4c)
  • This demo levels are the original released from GarageGames to the Torque3D community.
  • This demo levels have some custom scripts to work as GarageGames intended.
  • This demo levels miss some arts for license related issues.
  • This demo levels don't have nothing removed, except some duplicate arts.
  • This demo levels have removed some duplicate arts found in FPSGameplay. (You need to use the BaseGame/FPSGameplay)
  • This demo levels have removed some duplicate arts from the levels to lower the size of the demos. You need to use the three (3) demos to work. Ex. The level_B.mis use the same trees as level A.mis, so, the art/shapes/trees from level_B.mis was remove it in favor of the art/shapes/trees from level_A.mis

Note: Some duplicate arts from the levels was removed to lower the size of the demos. You need to use the three (3) demos to work.


You need to decompress the files.

  1. Download or compile T3D engine as usual. You can download from here or from here download the following files 3d_BaseGame.7z, t3d_Modules.7z, t3d_engine_x##.7z

  2. You need to use the "Module Template". BaseGame and FPSGameplay.

  3. Go here and download the T3D-Demos.7z

  4. Extract inside MyGame/data/FPSGameplay/ Should be like this:

  • MyGame/data/FPSGameplay/pacific/
  • MyGame/data/FPSGameplay/sector/
  • MyGame/data/FPSGameplay/fpstutorial/
  • MyGame/data/FPSGameplay/mars/
  1. Copy and paste all the level files from the demos, data/FPSGameplay/[demo]/[levels]/[level.mis] into data/FPSGameplay/levels/.

Like this:

  • MyGame/data/FPSGameplay/pacific/levels/Pacific.mis


  • MyGame/data/FPSGameplay/levels/Pacific.mis
  1. Play
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