An async / await friendly debugging client for chrome
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An async/await friendly Chrome debugging client with TypeScript support, designed with automation in mind.


  • Promise API for async/await (most debugger commands are meant to be sequential).
  • Launches Chrome with a new temp user data folder so Chrome launches an isolated instance. (regardless if you already have Chrome open).
  • Opens an ephemeral remote debugging port so you don't need to configure a port.
  • A TypeScript codegen for API autocomplete and tooltips with documentation for the debugger protocol
  • Cleans up processes and connections at end of session.


import { createSession } from "chrome-debugging-client";
// import protocol domains "1-2", "tot", or "v8"
import { HeapProfiler } from "chrome-debugging-client/dist/protocol/tot";

createSession(async (session) => {
  // spawns a chrome instance with a tmp user data
  // and the debugger open to an ephemeral port
  const process = await session.spawnBrowser({
    additionalArguments: ['--headless', '--disable-gpu', '--hide-scrollbars', '--mute-audio'],
    windowSize: { width: 640, height: 320 }

  // open the REST API for tabs
  const client = session.createAPIClient("localhost", process.remoteDebuggingPort);

  const tabs = await client.listTabs();
  const tab = tabs[0];
  await client.activateTab(;

  // open the debugger protocol
  const debuggerClient = await session.openDebuggingProtocol(tab.webSocketDebuggerUrl);

  // create the HeapProfiler domain with the debugger protocol client
  const heapProfiler = new HeapProfiler(debuggerClient);
  await heapProfiler.enable();

  // The domains are optional, this can also be
  // await debuggerClient.send("HeapProfiler.enable", {})

  let buffer = "";
  heapProfiler.addHeapSnapshotChunk = (evt) => {
    buffer += evt.chunk;
  await heapProfiler.takeHeapSnapshot({ reportProgress: false });
  await heapProfiler.disable();

  return JSON.parse(buffer);
}).then((data) => {
}).catch((err) => {

customize browser executable path

By default, this tool chrome-launcher to find chrome. It may error if it cannot find the executable. For this and other reasons, you can configure via a CHROME_PATH environment variable or pass in the executablePath like so:

// example for macOS
let browser = await session.spawnBrowser({
 executablePath: '/Users/someone/Applications/Google Chrome Chrome Canary'