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Evil Traps for Firefox
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Evil Traps for Firefox 🦊

A collection of web experiments that slow / crash the browser or annoy, spam or phish the user by exploiting bugs.


Node v10 or higher recommended.

Install dependencies:

npm install


In order to run, you need to build the files once:

npm run build

Then you can start the application:

npm start

If you want to change the host / port the web server listens on simply pass the environment variables HOST, PORT.

Example in bash:

HOST= PORT=80 npm start


To run the app in development use

npm run dev

This will automatically compile and run the application and restart it if you make changes to the code.

Add a new Evil Trap

To add a new evil trap to the app, create a new folder in src/traps. It should contain an index.js file exporting an EvilTrap instance. Once created it should appear in the main navigation.

See the HelloWorld trap for an example.

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