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A high contrast Emacs theme with bonus aesthetic
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This project is a shameless conversion of my vim-colors-synthwave theme for the emacs convert or dabbler

Converted automagically to emacs from using this sweet bit of code:

I'm still new to emacs, and this is a rather simplistic conversion, so PLEASE feel free to improve!

What follows are the design goals of my Synthwave theme, some are Vim specific, so don't hate.

emacs synthwave

alt text

All you need to relive the neon glory days A E S T H E T I C


  1. Totally Radical
  2. High contrast but easy on the eyes
  3. Non-Black background is easier on the eyes and allows syntax background highlighting
  4. Selections and highlighting match contrasting colors, so no washing out of text when you search or highlight
  5. Subtle CursorColumn and Cursor Line highlighting that doesn't wash out syntax colors
  6. Very bright match paren highlight
  7. Effort to contrast commonly nearby syntax object types to opposing colors
  8. Easily distinguished comments


alt text

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