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Collect MPV player data


$ baz install git ''


  • Python 3
  • Pip
  • Mpv
  • Basic coreutils


Environment variables

  • MPVP_FILE -- The file where the data is collected to (~/.mpvp)
  • MPVP_IPC -- The MPV IPC socket to be exposed in (/tmp/mpvipc)


Don't use mpv to play your music or whatever other media you want, use mpvp instead, it automatically sets up the MPV IPC socket

To generate an HTML report use the mpvp_report index.html command or something like that, this specific command will generate the report to index.html, all resources are static

mpvp_report config

    "song-mapping": {},
    "styles": "~/.config/mpvp.css",
    "script": "~/.config/mpvp.js",
    "song-name-delims": ["\u2013", "-", ",", "feat.", ".", "&"],
    "yt-url": ""

This is an example config, let me explain what it means now:

  • song-mapping -- This is a key-value pair of songs with unknown artists, for example:
"song-mapping": {
    "1985": "bo burnham",
    "apocalypse": "cigarettes after Sex",
    "astronomy": "conan gray",
    "brooklyn baby": "lana del rey",
    "come home to me": "crawlers",
    "daddy issues": "the neighbourhood",
    "feel better": "penelope scott",
    "hornylovesickmess": "girl in red",
    "i wanna be your girlfriend": "girl in red",
    "k.": "cigarettes after Sex",
    "lookalike": "conan gray",
    "lotta true crime": "penelope scott",
    "my man's a hexagon (music video)": "münecat",
    "rät": "penelope scott",
    "sappho": "bushies",
    "serial killer - lana del rey lyrics": "lana del rey",
    "sugar, we're goin down but it's creepier": "kade",
    "sweater weather": "the neighbourhood",
    "talia ⧸⧸ girl in red cover": "girl in red",
    "tv": "bushies",
    "unionize - münecat (music video)": "münecat",
    "watch you sleep.": "girl in red",
    "you used me for my love_girl in red": "girl in red",
    "placebo": "crawlers"

That is an example from my playlist

  • styles -- the path to CSS of your page
  • script -- the path to JavaScript of your page
  • song-name-delims -- The song delimiters to find the artist and song name: Artist [seperator] song name
  • yt-url -- A YouTube URL template, %s gets substituted with the YouTube video ID