Introduces basic Python concepts for those used to other programming languages. Ends with writing optimization problems in Gurobi for Python.
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Introduction to Python and Gurobi

An introduction to basic Python concepts, and most of what is needed to have the full work flow in OR research in Python. The course is not intended to give an in-depth treatment of all aspects of Python, but should provide a solid starting point for self-learning.

This workshop is intended for 2 sessions of 2 hours each, with the first 2 hours (notebooks 1 & 2) focusing on python basics, and the latter 2 on using standard python modules. Notebook 4 is directly intended for OR researchers; if your group has a different focus, e.g. machine learning, this session can be adapted to that purpose.

Needed tools

To run these tutorials on Windows or Macintosh, I recommend an installation of Anaconda. On Linux, use the version of iPython/Jupyter from your package manager.

The tutorial was written for Python 2.7, and is organized as ipython notebooks. These will work in Jupyter Notebooks as well.

To run session 4, you will need an installation of Gurobi, along with a license. Free Academic Licenses are available for academic users.