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Utility for comparing directories and their files on Linux and Windows
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     Will compare files in two
      directories for missing
      and/or mismatched files
       (based upon md5sums).

      Currently a bit sloppy
       and lacks recursion.

     Written by Twitch(Ben) 

This is a very small, as of yet, utility to compare the contents of a pair of directories. This became necessary when managing archived files with their originals and is likely quite useful for managing files/data across multiple systems (without using something overly complex like git/svn/cvs).

Recursion is now in place, though not exceedingly well tested.


   Picked up some touch-ups again. This now runs against UNIX files (i.e. '/' vs. '\')  rather than FAT paths. I should try to fix this to do both soon. I can borrow some code from another project I did something similar in.

	Fixed the shebang to run in both environments and added checks to use a pathsep so that this will run in *nix and Windows environments.
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