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TypeEngine Public Themes

These themes are available to use for TypeEngine magazines. They are available by default in our web console when you create a new magazine. They can also be used as starter themes to create new TypeEngine themes of your own.

Creating New Themes

TypeEngine Themes are composed of one or more article templates, and an app-styling.json file.

Article Template Structure

An article template is a ZIP file that contains an index.html file in the root folder. All other template assets (CSS, font files, images, and any other template assets) need to be contained in one or more sub-folders. Use relative paths in your index.html file to link to your assets.

Uploading Article Templates to the TypeEngine Web Console

To upload a template, package your index.html file and your template assets folder into a ZIP file. You can name the file whatever you like, as you have the opportunity to name the template when you upload it.

Log-in to the TypeEngine web console, and navigate to Publication > Design. Click to create a new template, upload the ZIP file, and give your template a name.

You also choose to make your new template the template new articles use by default.

Applying an Article Template

Navigate to an article or create a new article. On the Article > Metadata screen, you can now select your new template.

If the article is inside of an issue that is already published, and you'd like to republish the issue with the newly applied template (or an update to an existing template), you can navigate to the Issue Detail screen and click Republish.

Previewing Your Rendered Article

Preview your rendered article in the TypeEngine preview app, available for free on the App Store! Log-in to the preview app with your TypeEngine credentials. The preview app now transforms into a live preview of your app. Navigate to your article to preview.

Tap the Settings icon and then click Refresh Menu to force the app to get the latest App Styling settings.