Embeds Steam Market listings into WordPress pages
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WPSteamMarketExcerpt is a plugin used to add Steam Market item listings to WordPress pages. It displays the name, image, lowest listed price, median price and total number of listings for any given item. The plugin is utilized in posts and pages using its shortcode.



  1. Download the repository as a zip file
  2. Go to WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to Plugins, click Add New, click Upload Plugin, locate and select the zip file you just downloaded


  • Retrieves up-to-date pricing information
  • Resolves and pulls item images
  • Caches data to prevent rate limiting
  • Easily customizable via CSS


The minimal required shortcode format looks like this:

[steam_market_excerpt game="730" name="AK-47 | Elite Build (Factory New)"]

Where game="730" defines Steam application ID of a particular game (730 is for CS:GO). You can look up game IDs in the store by checking the URL of their store pages. The name parameter should specify the full name of the item with correct amount of spaces, preserving all the special symbols and casing. You can copy-paste the name from Steam Market listing to make sure you don't miss anything.

Full specification of the shortcode is as follows:

[steam_market_excerpt game="" name="" displayname="" currency="1" showimage="true" imgwidth="240" imgheight="240"]
  • Game and Name parameters are required and must always be present.
  • DisplayName can be altered to change the displayed name of the item, without affecting its reference to the actual item.
  • Currency defines the currency for lowest price and median price fields. They are assigned using their unique IDs. ID=1 belongs to US dollars, which is default.
  • ShowImage defines whether the item image should be downloaded. If set to false, it cuts down on number of requests and computation time. It will also not generate the respective <div> fragment for the image if set to false.
  • ImgWidth and ImgHeight define the image dimensions that will be queried from the Steam servers. Has no effect if ShowImage is set to false. The resulting image will always have the defined dimensions, with transparent background. If the dimensions exceed the size of the image, it will be centered on the canvas instead.


The excerpts can be customized using a stylesheet that comes with the plugin. It's located in assets/css/style.css, relative to plugin installation directory, which is typically /wp-content/plugins/Steam-Market-Excerpt.