Package with utilities for building vizlab pages
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The most stable+current version of this package can be installed with this R command:

install.packages("vizlab", dependencies=TRUE, 

and updated with this command:

  dependencies=TRUE, repos=c("", ""))

The most cutting edge version of the package can be installed if you have the devtools package:


Some packages are only suggested and will need to be installed manually to open up that functionality. One example is sbtools which can be used if project data is stored on sciencebase.

Using this package

To setup a new project, use the following functions. createProfile creates a profile.yaml which is necessary to run make, initializeVizRepo creates a GitHub repo on the specified organization ("USGS-VIZLAB" by default) with common issues, vizSkeleton creates the necessary directories for this project, and createMakefiles will setup all the makefiles. createProfile only needs to happen once (the file should not be stored in your project directory, but in some home directory instead). createMakefiles only needs to happen once per project. Then you can use make at the command line to run the whole process.


#optional, profile.yaml only needs to exist in one place on your computer

# to create and initialize the GitHub repository (includes standard issues)
initializeVizRepo(repo_name="myFirstViz", description="This is the GitHub repo for my first viz.")

# to setup each project
vizSkeleton(name="my awesome viz")

Adding your own mimetypes

To specify your own mimetypes (or override defaults), create a .yaml to specify the mimetype and it's corresponding reader, publisher, or resource (see inst/mimetypes.default.yaml for example structure). Then add the filename to your viz.yaml file under info with the name mimetypeDictionary.


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