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Unidata AWIPS

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AWIPS (formerly know as AWIPS II or AWIPS2) is a meteorological display and analysis package developed by the National Weather Service and Raytheon for operational forecasting. AWIPS is a Java application consisting of a data-rendering client (CAVE, which runs on Red Hat/CentOS Linux, macOS, and Windows), and a backend data server (EDEX, which runs on x86_64 Red Hat/CentOS 6 and 7).

AWIPS takes a unified approach to data ingest, and most data types follow a standard path through the system, starting with an LDM client requesting data from Unidata's IDD, which are then decoded and stored as HDF5 and PostgreSQL/PostGIS metadata. Unidata supports two visualization frameworks for rendering AWIPS data:

  • CAVE - the Common AWIPS Visualization Environment
  • python-awips - a Python data access framework for requesting Numpy data arrays and Shapely geometries.


Unidata AWIPS source code and binaries (RPMs) are considered to be in the public domain, meaning there are no restrictions on any download, modification, or distribution in any form (original or modified). Unidata AWIPS contains no proprietery content and is therefore not subject to export controls as stated in the Master Rights licensing file.

AWIPS Data in the Cloud

Through a grant provided by Jetstream, Unidata is able to run a real-time EDEX data server in cloud, providing free AWIPS data to UCAR member institutions and other geoscience research and education organizations. When prompted in the Connectivity Preferences dialog, enter (without adding http:// before, or :9581/services after), or select it from the default dropdown list.

EDEX in the cloud

Documentation -

AWIPS Source Code Respositories

Setting up the AWIPS Development Environment (ADE)

Instructions on how to deploy CAVE from Eclipse.

  1. Change /etc/yum.repos.d/awips2.repo to

     name=AWIPS II Repository
  2. yum clean all && yum groupinstall awips2-ade

    This will install Eclipse (4.6.1), Java (1.8), Ant, Maven, Python 2.7 and its modules (Numpy, Shapely, etc.)

  3. git clone

    The full list of repositories required:

     git clone
     git clone
     git clone
     git clone
     git clone
     git clone

    Optional repositories:

     git clone
     git clone
     git clone
     git clone
  4. Run /awips2/eclipse/

    • Preferences > Java

      Set to /awips2/java

    • Preferences > PyDev > Python Interpreter

      Set to /awips2/python/bin/python (should be resolved by Auto-Config)

    • File > Import > General > Existing Projects Into Workspace

      Import all of the git cloned project folders EXCEPT for the main (first) directory (which should be ~/awips2).

      You'll want to import ~/awips2 in three parts to ensure a clean and error-free Eclipse build:

      1. Import awips2/cave > Select All Projects > Finish
      2. Import awips2/edexOsgi > Select All Projects > Finish

      Now import all other repositories fully:

      Select awips2-core, awips2-core-foss, awips2-foss, awips2-ncep, etc. > Select All Projects > Finish

    • Project > Clean

      Run a clean build and ensure no errors are reported.

  5. Run com.raytheon.viz.product.awips/developer.product

    Double-click the developer.product file to open the Product View in Eclipse. Select Overview > Synchronize and then right-click the file in the left-side package explorer:

    Select Run As > Eclipse Application to launch CAVE in the development environment.

    Select Debug > Eclipse Application to launch CAVE in in debug mode.