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Version 0.6.0 (2017/09/14)


  • Incorporate support for accessing the University of Wyoming upper air archive, moved in from MetPy. This reflects a broadening of Siphon's mission to facilitate remote access to many data services
  • Fix an issue with access_urls for TDS catalogs specifying a service contained within a compound service
  • Improvements to string representations and printing to help when working interactively (i.e. in the notebook) with CDM Remote Dataset (and other related objects) as well as catalog.datasets

Issues Closed

  • Issue 130 - Port upper air support from MetPy

In this release 1 issue was closed.

Pull Requests Merged

  • PR 152 - BUG: Fix access_urls for some services
  • PR 147 - Move upper air data capability into Siphon
  • PR 154 - Printing/repr improvements

In this release 3 pull requests were closed.