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Rewrite Proxy for UnifiedPush written in Go


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UnifiedPush Common-Proxies

Common-Proxies is a set of rewrite proxies and push gateways for UnifiedPush. See the following diagram for more info regarding where rewrite proxies and push gateways fit in UnifiedPush. UnifiedPush service connection diagram

Common-Proxies is most commonly used to do the following:

  1. Self-Hosting the Matrix to UnifiedPush push gateway.
  2. App Developers only: Running embedded FCM distributor.


To install this the typical way, go to
If you know docker-compose and want to quickly set it up, go to

Documentation for configuration can be found at

For more details about how this works, read on -

Rewrite Proxy

Common-Proxies handles paths like /FCM (Firebase). Only traffic for these paths should be forwarded to common-proxies, where it can then convert the push message to the push-provider specific format.


This is meant to be hosted by the app developers or someone who has access to the Firebase settings for that project. The FCM key under rewrite.fcm in the config file is this secret key.


A Gateway is meant to take push messages from an existing service (like Matrix) and convert it to the UnifiedPush format. While Gateways are primarily meant to be hosted by the App Developer, some Gateways (like Matrix) support discovery on the push provider domain to find self-hosted gateways. It's always optional to host gateways as the app developer must have one.


Gateways Matrix push notifications.
["notification"]["devices"][0]["pushkey"] is the UP endpoint this gateways to.


Appends WebPush AESGCM headers to the message body and passes on the message.


  • Not all architectures in the releases have been tested.