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This repository contains the source code for @ubcdigital/symbol-taxonomy, an open standard for defining transaction taxonomies and semantics on top of Symbol from NEM, and compatible networks.


This library empowers the definition of transaction taxonomies using Symbol from NEM and compatible networks.

This package can be used to further define metadata around specific transaction groups and occurences within aggregate transaction on Symbol from NEM and other compatible blockchain networks.

Through easily accessible Typescript classes, we make it hereby possible to define semantics rulesets around Symbol from NEM blockchain network transactions. This library makes use of the bundling nature of aggregate transactions to define in-aggregate ordering, appearance and repeating rules.

Developers that use this library may define their own transaction taxonomies. We do not impose any rules around which type of transactions can be bundled or not. This package exports a class Taxonomy that can be extended as needed.

Also, it is worth noting that this package does not prepare transaction and must only be used to verify and/or validate aggregate transactions that have been 1) prepared for announcement or 2) announced to the network.


npm i -g @ubcdigital/symbol-taxonomy

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