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Perl6 micro-demos with narrative flow
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Fix Ranges1 slide due to say(0 no longer expanding ranges.

Also shortened A-Z to A-G, since spaces now double the expanded size.
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Flutter is a suite of demos for Perl 6, intended to be run as a continuous
stream. The demos should have a narrative flow, be engaging to a variety of
audiences (*.age, *.coding_skill, *.perl_background) at multiple depths, and
build on each other (0..few forward references).

Each small demo program will have its code displayed on the screen, followed
by the output of running that code. Code, comments, and output must all fit
together on a least-common-denominator display (80x25).

See also the FAQ, which contains some info normally found in READMEs.

Thanks to chromatic and rGeoffrey for encouragement and ideas, and to colomon
for a throughout read-through and code review of the initial effort.
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