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Parallel Processing Library for Visual FoxPro

Project Manager: Joel Leach

ParallelFox is a parallel processing library for Visual FoxPro 9.0.

Although parallel processing and multi-threading have been possible in VFP for quite some time (particularly in web servers), the goal of this project is the same as parallel processing libraries that have been popping up for other development platforms. That is, to make parallel processing easier and more approachable, without all of the headaches typically associated with multi-threaded programming. This has become more important as multi-core desktop and server machines have become widespread.


ParallelFox includes complete documentation (ParallelFox.chm). The Help file is designed to be used in conjunction with the training videos below. Use the Help file as a quick reference or short overview of topics. Watch the training videos for more in-depth discussions, examples, and techniques.

ParallelFox also takes advantage of Doug Hennig's Favorites for IntelliSense, which Doug also used in the MY project for Sedna. This greatly simplifies the ParallelFox interfaces and provides extra details while you are coding.


  • Download and unzip the latest stable release from the Releases page. Grab, rather than the Source Code zip file GitHub automatically creates.
    • Alternatively, you can clone the repository or download the latest files, although this may contain experimental/unstable changes. As a minimum, you need all files in the root ParallelFox folder, as well as the ffi subdirectory.
  • DO INSTALL to register ParallelFox.exe and install the IntelliSense scripts.
  • See the "Installation" topic in the Help file for details.

Training Videos

These videos are now available on YouTube: ParallelFox Training Videos. The previous videos are still available below.

Introduction Flash WMV Errata: In this video, I said that CPU speeds topped out a 3-4 "Megahertz", which was about the speed of my first computer, a PCjr. I should have said "Gigahertz". It's only a thousand-fold difference. :)

Running Code in Parallel Flash WMV

Worker Events