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Reporting Apps

The default implementation of Visual FoxPro 9's Report Applications. Including the report output engine, the preview container, and the default Report Builder application, complete with a framework of Report Designer event handlers.

Includes the full source code for the following applications:

  • ReportBuilder.APP

  • ReportOutput.APP

  • ReportPreview.APP

2022.08.15 Release This release allows the expression in the Print When of a group of objects to have a maximum length of 250 rather than 50 (thanks to creacionesintegrales).

2022.04.12 Release This release fixes a bug in that sometimes causes the data group combobox to contain duplicate items (thanks to Martina Jindrova).

2021.08.31 Release This release fixes a bug in that creates the canvas twice (thanks to Christof Wollenhaupt).

2014.07.04 Release
This release fixes a bug in and that didn't handle higher DPI displays properly (thanks to Joel Leach).

2013.03.09 Release
This releases fixes a couple of visual bugs in ReportBuilder.APP; see It also fixes the "SET TALK" bug described in

2012.10.30 Release
This release fixes two bugs in ReportBuilder.APP. See and for details.

2012.02.05 Release
This release fixes two bugs in ReportBuilder.APP. See for details.

2009.05.25 Release
This release was about increasing performance. Several changes were made to limit the extra overhead involved when using some of the new SP2 fuctionality (rotation, dynamic colors, etc.). The progress bar was also modified to limit the number of updates. The net result is an increase in output speed from 20% - 400% when using the progress bar or the new "Dynamics" or "Advanced" features on report controls.

ReportOutput performance: Changed Therm bar to update every 0.3 seconds instead of every detail band

Performance: Changed FX and GFX handlers to limit calls to ApplyFX from within Render and EvaluateContents events.

Enhancement: Added oFRX collection property to ReportListener to make it easier to access the underlying report file (ie: This.oFRX(nFRXRecNo).expr )

Reporting Apps is part of XSource, the source files for various Visual FoxPro components. The license governing XSource can be found in the XSource_EULA.txt included with all of the XSource releases.


The default implementation of Visual FoxPro 9's Report Applications (XSource)







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