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A new and enhanced table designer for the Visual FoxPro IDE

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Table Designer X

Project Manager: Srdjan Djordjevic, Bhavbhuti Nathwani

The Table Designer X project seeks to provide VFP developers with a new and enhanced table designer dialog for the VFP IDE. While it is still in the early planning stage of development, there's few VFP developers that haven't wished for a better table designer at one time or another. So, download the project's initial source code release and let the lively discussions, good ideas, and developing begin.

Anyone wanting to help out with this project is urged to contact Bhavbhuti or join one of the ongoing discussions regarding Table Designer X here on VFPX.

Note: The project moved to deprecated status in August 2012, but Srdjan asked to be established as the project manager. The project is now in planning status (September 2012) even though there is code to try. Reason for planning status: Srdjan is not able to move the project forward until time frees up. He is working on finishing Report Sculptor.

First release goals

  • Get over the Modal limitation (Non-Modal form - status: partially achieved)
  • Overcome the limitation of the Field Name textbox width as viewing long field names become a keyboard and mouse challenge (Grid - status: achieved)
  • Overcome the un-navigatable Field Name textbox in Table Read-Only (Shared) mode, esp. a problem when field names are longer than the available textbox width (Read-only Grid - status: WIP)
  • Allow side by side opening of dialog for comparing (from different folders) and updating structures (multiple windows of TDX, - status achieved)
  • Make the designer a replacement for LIST STRU, esp. useful when tables have lot more fields than can fit on the VFP desktop and much more readable (Generate a Report (FRX) - status WIP)
  • Duplicate field and it's properties within the table (status: WIP)

Future release goals

  • Manage a Data Dictionary
  • Create FireBird and SQL Server tables

Getting Involved

Please let us know your needs and we will see how things can fit into the release goals. If you are interested in helping with this project please let us know about the area that you can help us with.


A new and enhanced table designer for the Visual FoxPro IDE






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