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Deploy to your ~/.vim/ directory.

Create a symlink from ~/.vimrc to ~/.vim/.vimrc
  ln -s ~/.vim/.vimrc ~/.vimrc

Keyboard Shortcut List

F2: Toggle auto-indent. When auto-indent has been toggled off by pressing F2,
    "(paste)" will be displayed in Vim's command line to show that your Vim
    environment is now in PASTE mode. This allows you to paste content into
    Vim without auto-indent messing it up.

F5: Enable Vim to listen for Xdebug connection. You have 10 seconds to hit
    your project in the browser with "?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=1" appended to
    the end of the URL.

,cg: Regenerate tag file for project. This only works if you open the file from
    the root of the project. Standard shortcuts for navigating CTags apply, such
    as <C-W><C-]> to open the definition in a horizontal split.

=== CSCOPE ===

Requires cscope to be installed.

To initially generate your cscope database, open a file in the root of your
project and use ',fs'. This will ask you to confirm the directory, and it will
generate a cscope database. After this point, you can do things such as high-
lighting a function in a file and seeing where it gets called from by using


It seems that the Xfce terminal emulator may not accept the F5 key for some
reason. If that happens to you, try another terminal emulator, such as Eterm
or (if you can't seem to get by with tmux) Terminator.

If you don't have phpcs or drupal coding standards available you will need
to comment out lines 51 & 52 in the .vimrc until a toggle is added.
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