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We help application developers and enterprises quickly embed high-quality, reliable, and scalable multiparty video collaboration into any WebRTC, mobile or native application, with just a few lines of code. We are powered by Vidyo, a video technology pioneer across the globe. Our VidyoPlatform works across multiple platforms by providing developers with all the necessary infrastructure and support. We provide APIs and SDKs for web browsers, iOS, Android, macOS, and windows. It is ideal for all types of network environments; a key differentiation is that we offer the best video quality with the lowest latency globally. Many enterprise customers and developers have leveraged our VidyoAPIs to enhance their customer experience journey within less time. You too can take the next step to build a memorable video experience for your customers with VidyoPlatform.

The VidyoPlatform enables developers to provide custom, high-quality, real-time video communication capabilities to their application. The VidyoPlatform includes the VidyoClient SDK, which provides the APIs for integrating such communication capabilities into a variety of applications and workflows. It also includes the VidyoPlatform Server API for call control and moderation.

Some of the features of the VidyoPlatform include:

- Multi-party audio and video conferencing
- Group chat
- Application sharing

The VidyoClient SDK offers the same APIs on all supported platforms, providing a fast learning curve and enabling rapid development on all device types.

Popular repositories

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  2. A full featured videoconferencing solution that runs in the browser without any plug-ins or downloads

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