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Virto Commerce 2.x

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Virto Commerce is the second generation release and is the only enterprise level e-commerce product fully available under Virto Commerce Open Source License. Virto Commerce is based on .NET 4.5 with extensive use of MVC, IoC, EF, Azure, Angular JS and many other cutting edge technologies. It can be deployed in Microsoft Cloud (Azure), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and on-premise. Mobile App Starter built using Ionic Framework is also available.


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Cloud Private Demo

Setup your own private Microsoft Cloud environment and evaluate the latest version of Virto Commerce, read more.

Deploy to Azure

Developer resources


We welcome & recognize contributors to Virto Commerce. There are many benefits available for our contributers, from special licensing to project involvement and access to private repositories. Follow the guide below to contribute:

  1. Before starting work on a new contribution, take a moment and search the commits and issues for similar proposals.
  2. Fork the Virto Commerce repository into your account according to GitHub Fork a Repo document.
  3. Make your changes. We also recommend you test your code before contributing.
  4. Once ready to commit your changes, create a pull request according to GitHub Create a Pull Request.
  5. Once received, the Virto Commerce development team will review your contribution and if approved, will pull your request to the appropriate branch.

Note: You must agree to Virto Commerce Contributor License Agreement before pulling any requests. You only need to sign the agreement once.