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Microsoft App-V 5.x Package Management Provider
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The AppVProvider project is an open-source implementation of a Micrsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 5.x provider for Microsoft's OneGet Package Management Powershell module. More information on the open-source OneGet project can be found here.

The App-V Provider can install and uninstall Microsoft App-V v5.x packages from local and/or remote directory paths with a behaviour that is is consistent with all other OneGet/Microsoft Package Management providers.


To use the OneGet/Package Management App-V Provider you will need the following installed:

Getting Started

Once you have the prerequisites installed, you can install the OneGet App-V Provider via the Powershell Gallery by running the following Powershell command:

Install-Module AppvProvider

You can also manually download and install the OneGet App-V Provider by performing the following:

  • Download the latest Appv Provider release.
  • Unblock the zip file before extracting!
  • PowerShell by default does not run files downloaded from the internet.
  • Right-click the zip file and click on "Properties" and click on the "Unblock" button.
  • Extract the zip file to the %ProgramFiles%\WindowsPowershell\Modules directory.

More detailed information on the usage of the App-V Provider can be found here until it's moved to the Wiki.

How Can I Contribute?

All contributions to the OneGet App-V Provider are always gratefully received.

If you have:

  • found a bug, file an issue and we'll look into it
  • a feature you would like to see implemented, file an issue and we'll add it to the backlog
  • updates to the documentation, contribute directly to the Wiki

Please fork the project and send us a pull request if:

  • you have implemented a new feature or something from the backlog
  • there is a bug you have found and fixed it
  • or you have any other updates

We're all really busy and can only make this what it needs to be with a community effort \o/.

The OneGet Community

There is an active community shaping the future of Package Management on Windows -- your opinions, feedback and code can help everyone.

Weekly Online Meeeting

There is an online weekly meeting Friday mornings @ 10:00 PDT via Lync* (everyone welcome!). You can also see archives of the previous meetings available on YouTube.


The AppvProvider is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.

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