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Computational Activity Ontology Design Pattern

An ontology design pattern to capture the notion of a activity performed by a computational agent (I.E. Software Agent). The idea is to model a particular occurrence of an actual computational processing activity (rather than a recipe/template/etc. for how to conduct a computation). We include the word "processing" because we focus specifically on computational activities that process input data to produce output data. Computational activities that do not do this are out of scope. A complementary pattern to Computational Activity that captures the notion of a Computational Environment that provides affordances (to model the hardware, operating system, and software present) for a Computational Activity is also included as a separate pattern. The pattern was developed using High Energy Physics analysis workflows as a reference pattern application. It is also designed to be compatible with the W3C Prov-O Ontology Specification.

Initial development of the pattern was conducted during the VocampND2015 Vocamp as part of the NSF funded DASPOS effort.

A concept map is in the concept-map folder and outlines the basic classes that are part of the pattern. Implementation of the pattern in RDF-XML OWL, Turtle and JSON-LD context file is in the pattern subdirectory.


Computational Activity Pattern Developed at Vocamp ND 2015




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