VoltDB Golang Client Library



VoltDB Golang Client Library

The VoltDB golang client library implements the native VoltDB wire protocol. You can use the library to connect to a VoltDB cluster, invoke stored procedures and read responses.

Client API

The VoltDB golang client implements the interfaces specified in the database/sql/driver package. The interfaces specified by database/sql/driver are typically used to implement a driver to be used with the golang database/sql package.

The code here can be used as a driver in this manner; it can also be used as a stand alone client.

The VoltDB golang client supports a VoltDB specific asynchronous api in addition to the database/sql/driver api. The VoltDB api also includes column accessors for VoltDB specific types. The details of the VoltDB api can be found in the godoc.


The VoltDB golang client is built in the standard go manner.


The VoltDB golang client includes three examples. There is a simple hello world example and a similar example that uses the asynchronous api. There is also an example that uses the client with the database/sql/driver api only.

Wire Protocol

By default, version 1 of the VoltDB wire protocol is used; this is suitable for VoltDB server version 5.2 or later. Set the wire protocol version to 0 for use with an older server. See the 'driver_hello_world' example.