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Vue.js Components/Custom Elements in Java with GWT. Developed at
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Vue GWT integrates Vue.js with GWT 2.8 using JsInterop and Elemental2. It lets you write Vue Components in Java.

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  • Vue.js Components with a Java controller
  • Template expressions type checking at compile time
  • Web Components (Custom Elements) support
  • HTML templates are compiled during Java Compilation (only requires Vue.js runtime)
  • Use regular Java Objects and Collections in your templates
  • Supports injection in Components
  • Supports most of Vue.js features
  • Integrates with GWT Resources and Widgets

Who is this for?

  • You want to code a Vue app with type checking, and take advantage of GWT optimizations.
  • You have GWT app, and you want an easy way to write views with 2-way data binding.
  • You have a Vue app and you need to use a Java library in some Components.

What does it look like?

You can start by reading our documentation that contains live examples. You can also checkout the Vue GWT Demo page.

Curious about the implementation? See the sources in our public Github repository.

Let's do this!

When you are ready, you can start by setting it up on your project.

We are looking for feedback and contributions. If you use it on a project, please let us know how it goes.

Who made this?

Vue GWT is developed by the awesome people at

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