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We're a group of people who met up on VulnHub's IRC channel, and we like to hack things. You can find us registered on CTF Time. This repository hosts a collection of our write-ups from various CTFs we've competed in.

Here's a list of our active team members:

To submit a writeup, fork the repository, clone your fork, add your writeup, and send a pull request. For more details, check out GitHub's tutorial on forking and submitting a pull request.

You can use the following template for your write-up:

### Solved by <team-member>

If it doesn't already exist in the repository, go ahead and create the /<year>/<ctfname> directory and add your writeup there. 

To add images, save your image to /images/<year>/<ctfname>/<challenge-name>
Embed images using: ![](/images/<year>/<ctfname>/<challenge-name>/img.png)