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Implement a resubmit button #3

Nathan2055 opened this Issue · 8 comments

The resubmit button will be a wizard capable of choosing whether to put it in the backlog or store it as a draft. It should also have the power to choose the name to appear in the template.


This looks like it might fall under the project to create an "Article wizard 3.0 (now with Lua)". I know nothing about Lua yet, anyone interested in taking lead on this? I'd love to work on it but will need direction.


this isn't really afch reviewer script content though...


What are you talking about? This will be used by reviewers to resubmit articles without editing.


@Technical-13 Nathan2055 do want to add a new submission template at the very top of an article with the script to review the draft. This is a very easy depending on how clean the code should be done or how much features should be in. XD

simply add an addition button next to the "clean the submission" which opens a new option to choose between: no submitter, custom submitter and (a harder one) first submitter

by pressing the "put new submission template" the script should simply add {{subst:submit|u="what was choosen"}} at the very top.


I'm totally lost with what Nathan wants to accomplish with this... I don't see much need for reviewers to be resubmitting articles for others.


@Technical-13 - What if they are submitting a draft for a user on IRC that they are helping? Or a submission template gets borked somehow? There are many, many uses for this.

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Confirmed as working in Production environment.
@Technical-13, please mark with milestone and close


Thanks much.

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