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API docs for the semver NuGet package

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Semver NuGet Package Docs

This repository generates the docs for the semver NuGet package ( The docs are published via GitHub pages to


The docs are generated using docfx via a cake build script. Cake is set up in the repository directory as a dotnet tool. Use dotnet tool restore to download it before running the first time. A basic build can be run from the command line using:

dotnet cake

To serve the docs locally, run:

dotnet cake --target=serve

Project Structure

The source code of the semver project is imported via a git submodule in the src/ directory. API metadata is generated into the vX.Y.Z/ directory, but is not committed. The actual documentation site is generated into and served from the docs/ directory. Because GitHub pages cannot run cake or docfx, the docs/ directory is committed and GitHub pages serves it as a completely static site. Use dotnet cake before committing the docs/ directory to ensure it is clean.


API docs for the semver NuGet package