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The current plan is to go public on the 17th of June, 9AM Pacific time.

On that date we'll have:

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Two suggestions from email thread:

  • Unless we're going to do the work to make a nice friendly high-level site, perhaps we should just delete the WebAssembly.github.io repo for now.
  • For the same reason we agreed to rename the 'polyfill' repo to have 'prototype' in the name (avoid confusion as to whether we'd already fixed a format/polyfill), it seems like we should have 'prototype' in the names of v8-native and js-astcompressor.

I'm OK with dropping WebAssembly.github.io for now.
I'm OK with prototype in the names.

I did create an experimental repo which should probably hold all future experiments:

  • Makes it clear that what it contains are experiments.
  • Non-admins can't create repos, making it harder to start collaboration under the WebAssembly umbrella.
  • Makes sure that third party code goes under a root third_party folder, which in turn makes it easier for non-engineers to evaluate what they can do with code, and making sure engineers don't mess with this.

Should we move other experiments there, and only promote experiments to having their own repo when they graduate out of experimental status?


Thanks @titzer for the rename. I can delete WebAssembly.github.io if noone beats me to it.

The experimental repo makes sense for things that aren't actively being iterated on since otherwise you want the noise isolation that a repo provides (issues, PRs, emails). I'm currently not iterating on polyfill-prototype-1 since I think it has basically proven the points it was built to prove and the next step is blocked on us to start talking about a fully concrete binary format, so I'm fine moving it to experimental. Based on the relatively low activity of the other two experiments, I assume they are mostly in the same category and could be moved as well.

Nit on naming: I take 'experimental' to mean "built for release, but not ready to ship" (i.e., "experimental support' = in a browser behind a flag). OTOH, 'prototype' means "built to throw away or rewrite" which is I think what we're doing here (currently), so I'd rename 'experimental' to 'prototype' to avoid the confusion.


@lukewagner rename sounds good to me, as well as moving your repo there :)
@titzer / @kg would you be OK doing the same?


On that date we'll have: [...]

We'll also be putting out a small blog post (I can send it out to you guys to review after I get IE to look at it).

kripken commented Jun 12, 2015

I'll also post something to the Emscripten mailing list, mainly links to the stuff here + context. Let me know if anyone wants to review that beforehand.

kg commented Jun 12, 2015

Go ahead and rename my repo, no objections.

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I created the public announcement release.

jbondc commented Jun 28, 2015

Fascinating, it would be great to add a history section to understand how the collaboration came about. Over some 🍻 ? Not an expert in compilers but this sort of diversity looks like the future 👍

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