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Project overview for WebAssembly:


Building the site

Clone the project and the design submodule:

$ git clone
$ git submodule update --init --recursive

Install gem dependencies:

$ bundle install

Build with Jekyll or serve local preview:

$ bundle exec jekyll build
$ bundle exec jekyll serve

You must run bundle exec jekyll build after every change and include the docs directory in your commit!


This site uses Jekyll plugins, so GitHub Pages will not build it automatically. To publish, check in manually built static site files to the docs directory.

The static site should be configured to build to the docs directory. The docs directory is a special directory from which GitHub pages can publish directly. The naming convention is unfortunate given the confusing overlap with the site's own docs pages (output to docs/docs) which are themselves generated from the design docs submodule located at design.

What is the role of _config.yml and the custom Jekyll plugins?

Note: the following plugins are all hacks to make the workflow of generating website docs from the design repo work without updating the sources in the design repo.

  • gem 'jekyll-optional-front-matter' loaded directly in the Gemfile allows markdown files without YAML frontmatter to be consumed directly. This is included to allow design repo .md files to be used as pages without modifying their source to add frontmatter.
  • gem 'jemoji' loaded directly in the Gemfile replaces GitHub-style emoji markdown (e.g. :+1:) with images for compat.
  • The defaults section of _config.yml adds default values to the YAML frontmatter of documents from the design repo. In particular, it specifies that all .md files in the design submodule should be labelled as type doc and given layout doc.html. It also manually moves a few docs into the community tree where they fit the site organization better.
  • auto_titles.rb adds a title value to YAML frontmatter by looking for the first header tag in the source files. It also orders the design docs based on a hardcoded list.
  • link_converter.rb turns the design repo's links (e.g. [threads]( into their respective locations on this website (e.g. [threads](/docs/future-features/#threads)).
  • underscore_paths.rb rewrites Jekyll page permalinks to convert /design/FutureFeatures/ to /docs/future-features/.